We spent our early years in Berlin from the mid 80s on, strolling around the open city, exploring the urban fringe.
We were keen by the industrial furniture we found everywhere: in abandoned places in the Ex-GDR like old Breweries and run down factory buildings all around town or the abandoned russian barracks in the environs where it felt that just a minute ago the last soviet soldier had left the building.
All the artifacts with its rotten charme and visible history we found were allowed to cross the treshold of our apartments.

In the next couple of years we earned our money in the film and photography industrie.

Then we met.

And we realised that we both love the same stuff. We decided we have enough for ourselves, it's time to share!
There is still a lot of good stuff out there, waiting to be found - even if the east is not the "wild east" anymore.

We still find beautiful rare vintage industrial originals and oddities and will supply your homes with furniture with history, furniture which is not famous for its name, but for its thoughtful manufacturing, precious only at second glance when you look at the details and imagine when and where it was used.

We founded J&V Finest Vintage Industrial Furniture in 2012 after we decided to start with something new before we get too old.

And here we are:

Our aim is to find beautiful vintage industrial furniture, keep the beauty that lies in its time worn patina and spread it out to those who know.
Enjoy our collection as much as we do, improve your home with some history, with craftmanship, solidity, durability and good material!

Feel free to contact us for any ideas, suggestions - whatever you want!

Examples of our homes and other interiors we like you'll find soon on our blog...

Jools & Vince